** Call to all! **


I am moved by all your messages of hope, your sharing, your big hearts, your humor! I want to create the next works in memory of this event that strikes us all. If you receive or you give yourself the gift of a bouquet of flowers during this significant period, I would like you to keep it for me. I explain to you:

1. Just put the petals in a book and let them dry for 2 weeks.

2. Overlay your petals and wrap them with a sheet of paper where you can write down what this bouquet represents for you, how you are living the situation, your message of hope.


* If you want to remain anonymous, tell me because I would like to share your messages and your experience with the community.

3. Mail your envelope to the workshop:

Niittysaarentie 12 C Finland 02160.

With that, thank you! Thank you for being there, for being so inspiring, for brightening my daily life and for realizing that we are magnificent beings! Let's continue to be as beautiful, even after this event!





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